I love challenges. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. In a figurative sense as well as in a literal sense.

I love challenges. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. In a figurative sense as well as in a literal sense.
I am a technician by trade. At heart, I am a farmer. And when it comes to head work, I am a strategist.
This is made visible by my career history: I started with a technical apprenticeship, have a qualification in agriculture and forestry, graduated from university and I completed the Six-Sigma training. In the same way I advise my clients to continuously develop and to react to changing situations flexibly, I also motivate my own actions. Because life is movement. And together, we are capable of moving mountains.
My mixed personality – worker, technician and thinker – makes me the perfect problem solver on many different corporate levels. I can empathize. I can mediate. But I can also set the tone and make decisions when the circumstances require me to. My over 30-year global work experience in the plastics industry and waste management has made me an expert in outsourced management functions. Not only nationally but also on an international basis. My point of main effort is based in China. A work location which has, by now, almost lost the element of “effort”. After years of experience mediating between Chinese and European companies, doing so has become an easy task for me.

— Mst. Ing. Johann Spies. MSc, MBA

Photograph by Robert Sackl-Kahr | Graz


Born in 1968 in Neunkirchen / Austria. Apprenticeship to "chemical laboratory assistant", master craftsman in "plastics technology", skilled worker in "agriculture", matriculation examination, field of study in "Master of Science". Ongoing forms of education: “Executive Master of Business Administration”. From 1983 onwards worked in the field of plastics technology and waste management nationally as well as internationally. Since 2015 self-employed in own company Spiesconsult. Spoken Languages: German, English and Mandarin Chinese (beginner level).

consulting & planning

My areas of expertise in business and manufacturing are the assumption of development work and income control as well as positions in the administration of waste management companies. Additionally, I also develop customer-specific waste management concepts.

Plastic industry and waste management are my home - Europe and Asia my territory.

There are tasks which require an impartial expert from the “outside”. I am such an expert. My subject-specific technical qualifications connect perfectly with my social competence when dealing with employees and customers alike.
Breaching national European and Asian boundaries – on small as well as large scales – I bring people, technical challenges and companies together.

Plastic Industry Waste Management Raw Material- and Facility  Interim Management Manufacturing Organization Expert on Europe and China Project ManagementAgriculture and Forestry Temporal Management FunctionsSearching for Business Partners Cooperation with Research Intercultural

The competences of SPIESCONSULT are extensive. If you are interested and want to know more, get in touch with me and I will answer all of your questions.

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Business and Manufacturing Organization & Interim Management. Nationally & Internationally – I am here to help you.

Are you looking to hand over management functions temporarily? Not everything is going according to plan in your company / production processes?
Are you in need of external support?
The plastic industry and waste management are my home - Europe and Asia my territory.
Benefit from my technical and intercultural know-how. I am looking forward to talking with you.

 “Some consider me a perfectionist. All I want is the best for my customers.”

Mst. Ing. Johann Spies, MSc, MBA